How to stop stressing

Happy Sunday everyone! I am so excited to be writing for Wekudo, a business with a mission to inspire happiness at work. Their blog is full of inspiring posts about how to maintain balance, happiness, teamwork and motivation in the workplace along with some great advice and tips. You can check out their blog as well … More How to stop stressing

An Autumn Outfit

Autumn is my favourite season in Cape Town. The sky is crystal blue, the weather is neither too hot nor too cold, there are a lot less tourists and you’re not blown over by a gust of wind every two seconds. It’s also a great time of year to dust off my beloved trench coat and … More An Autumn Outfit

Outfit of the day: It’s all about embroidery

  Hello everyone! I recently mentioned in my February favourites post that I am loving the embroidery trend. This Woolworths SA embroidered top is the perfect addition to my summer wardrobe! I wore it to a friend’s house the other day and took these photos in 32 degrees Celsius weather! We also made mini Nutella donuts, … More Outfit of the day: It’s all about embroidery